Tuesday, October 22, 2019

*ADOPTED* Dot, Smudge, Tips and Nibbler

This group of four were transferred to us by ABC Ferret Rescue in Maple Ridge when their founder was forced to shut the rescue down due to her health. They are all about 3-4 years old.

Smudge (Male, mostly white), Tips (Female, Chocolate with white toes) and Dot (Female, white with grey tail) are all very friendly. We suspect that Nibbler (Female, DEW) was handled very roughly at some point in her life as she is tense and fearful in new situations and may fear bite. Once she realizes that she is safe and does not need to defend herself, she is friendly and happy.

They fab four can be adopted together or can be split in to two as their foster mom has found that Nibbler and Dot have become quite closely bonded, and Tips and Smudge are also BFFs.

Given their age and unknown history, their adoptive homes must be aware of adrenal disease and willing to get annual supralorilen implants for their ferret to keep the condition under control should they notice symptoms presenting.


*Nibbler has fear issues but we are working to overcome them