Sunday, September 22, 2013


Jack is approximately 3 years old and was rescued along with his sister, Meatball, from a home that had absolutely no idea how to take care of ferrets. They were kept in a tiny, poorly ventilated plexiglass cage with sawdust bedding 24/7. The pair were fed dog food and vegetables. It really is a wonder that they survived to join us here at the rescue. Both Jack and Meatball were overweight and suffered from hind end weakness; they were also quite shy. Amazingly, Jack, who is also deaf, appears to have no long term health consequences from this poor treatment. He is quite a playful little fellow - he loves playing with other ferrets and LOVES his rubber toys. Jack is a bit of a rough nipper when he plays with humans, largely because he cannot hear you tell him when he is getting too rough, but this can be easily addressed by simply offering toys or puppets rather than bare skin.