Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meatball - ADOPTED

Meatball is approximately 3 years old and was rescued along with her brother, Jack from a home that had absolutely no idea how to take care of ferrets. They were kept in a tiny, poorly ventilated plexiglass cage with sawdust bedding 24/7. The pair were fed dog food and vegetables. It really is a wonder that they survived to join us here at the rescue. Both Jack and Meatball were overweight and suffered from hind end weakness; they were also quite shy. Meatball also had a rotten canine tooth which we had hoped to have extracted. Unfortunately, Meatball's foster family noticed that she was not doing well. A vet visit revealed that she was suffering from insulinoma (which is not surprising given her previous diet) and dental surgery is not an option at this time. Meatball's foster family has decided to adopt her despite her illness.