Sunday, September 22, 2013

Macaroni - ADOPTED

Macaroni is an extremely sweet three year old little girl - she is quite active and gets into her fair share of trouble, but she makes up for it by giving kisses, and making happy noises while doing so. Macaroni is good with other ferrets and other animals, however she is a bit of a squirrel monkey and so does require more ferret proofing than your average ferret.

Macaroni has been with us for a couple of months, but has not been available for adoption because she has been helping a pair of rescues with their physical and psychological rehabilitation.  Macaroni's job was to teach these ferrets how to be ferrets, and that humans are FUN and not scary. Their rehabilitation is now complete, so Macaroni can be adopted out. We would prefer that Macaroni goes to a home with at least one other ferret, and a willingness to update ferret proofing whenever Macaroni demonstrates that more is required - she is an EXCELLENT problem solver!