Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AD0PTED **** Willow **** AD0PTED

Willow is a three year old female ferret who is still looking for a forever home. She is affectionate and loves attention, but she is often overlooked because she does not like other ferrets. She tells us not to worry though - she gets along just fine with dogs and cats; she can't help it if she thinks that other ferrets are funny looking!

Willow was caged around the clock in her former home, and so suffers from cage anxiety; as such, she must be free roam, but this is not a problem as her foster mum tells us that she is a very clean little ferret who does not tend to put strange objects into her mouth. Willow is quite a happy little girl who keeps herself busy by stashing all stuffed animals - it is her duty to make sure that those stuffed animals stay in their place under beds and couches!

Willow is an absolute joy to have in your home. She is a doll that deserves a home to call her very own. If Willow sounds like the right ferret for you, please fill out an adoption application.