Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not available for adoption **** Mittie & Bree

Two lovely girls - one aged 2.5, the other age 3. These two girls are very friendly and quiet. Mittie is a beautiful silver ferret who is quite the cuddle bug who is a little bit shy but loves to sit on your lap and soak in the cuddles. Bree is a gorgeous, petite DEW who is quite clever and affectionate; Bree is a quick learner and would be very trainable. The girls have decent litter habits, though they do insist that the litter be kept pristine. These girls have not really been around other ferrets but, with proper introductions and patience it is possible that they may fit into an existing ferret group quite well. They would be a great addition to any home, regardless of level of ferret experience.

*** Bree has developed adrenal disease and been placed in a permanent foster home where her health can be monitored. Mittie has been placed with her as we do not wish to separate the pair.