Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sonja and Baxter HAVE BEEN ADOPTED!

Sonja is a beautiful Silver girl, and Baxter is a sweet DEW boy. Both are 4 years old and very affectionate. The two ended up in our care when their owners split up and neither was able to keep them. These two are good with dogs and may be good with some other ferrets, though Sonja believes that she should be the boss; she is not, however, overly aggressive and things tend to be sorted out with a proper introduction and a few scruffs. Baxter is a marshmallow - or in his case, marsh-MELLOW may be more suitable! Both ferrets love to be get cuddles and are not avid trouble makers - well, no more than most ferrets anyway!  They would be suitable for an experienced ferret home, and homes with an existing ferret troop, or as the only ferrets. Both ferrets are vet checked and UTD on their shots.
Sonja does not like cats